Ronald M. Krauss

Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine, University of California–San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA
Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA

Ronald M. Krauss, M.D., is Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at UCSF, Dolores Jordan Endowed Chair at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, and Adjunct Professor of Nutritional Sciences at UC Berkeley. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees from Harvard University with honors and served his internship and residency in internal medicine on the Harvard Medical Service of Boston City Hospital. He then joined the NHLBI Molecular Disease Branch in Bethesda MD, first as Clinical Associate and then as Senior Investigator. Dr. Krauss is board-certified in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, and is a member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation, a Fellow of the American Society of Nutrition and the American Heart Association (AHA), and a Distinguished Fellow of the International Atherosclerosis Society. He was a member of the AHA National Board of Directors and the U.S. National Cholesterol Education Program Expert Panel and was founding chair of the AHA Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Metabolism. Dr. Krauss has also served on both the Committee on Dietary Recommended Intakes for Macronutrients and the Committee on Biomarkers of Chronic Disease of the National Academy of Medicine. Among his awards are the AHA Scientific Councils Distinguished Achievement Award, the AHA National Award of Meritorious Achievement, the Centrum Center for Nutrition Science Award of the American Society for Nutrition, and the Distinguished Leader in Insulin Resistance from the International Committee for Insulin Resistance. In addition, he has been the Robert I. Levy Lecturer of the AHA, the Edwin Bierman Lecturer of the American Diabetes Association, and the Margaret Albrink Lecturer at West Virginia University School of Medicine. Dr. Krauss has served on the editorial boards of a number of journals, and has been Associate Editor of Obesity, the Journal of Lipid Research, and the Journal of Clinical Lipidology. He has published over 500 research articles and reviews on metabolic, dietary, and drug effects on plasma lipoproteins and risk of coronary artery disease, with more than 140,000 citations of this and related work and an h-index of 144. Among his accomplishments is the identification of the metabolic triad constituting atherogenic dyslipidemia (high triglyceride, low HDL, and increase in small, dense LDL particles), a highly prevalent trait associated with abdominal adiposity, insulin resistance, and risk of both cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. In recent years Dr. Krauss’ work has focused primarily on identifying mechanisms responsible for metabolic phenotypes affecting cardiometabolic risk.

Areas of Interest

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dietary effects on cardiometabolic risk
  • Lipoprotein metabolism
  • Pharmacogenomics