6th ICCR Congress on Chronic Societal Cardiometabolic Diseases

First called the International Congress on Abdominal Obesity, the ICCR Congress has rapidly become the international platform to discuss novel approaches and share scientific and clinical data to benefit healthcare professionals, clinicians and scientists. Now named the ICCR Congress on Chronic Societal Cardiometabolic Diseases, the conference reflects the Chair’s evolving mission to fight a lifestyle epidemic of sedentary behaviours and low quality nutritional habits leading to highly prevalent chronic cardiometabolic diseases. There is clearly a need to take a fresh look at these societal diseases and to explore not only how to better assess and manage the risk of abdominal obesity, but also how to work upstream at both individual and public health levels to combat what is a lifestyle epidemic.

Objectives of the congress are:

  • To better understand the pathophysiology of cardiometabolic diseases
  • To review large cardiometabolic imaging studies showing links between ectopic fat and cardiometabolic risk outcomes
  • To recognise health complications associated with excess visceral adiposity/ectopic fat
  • To discuss how to assess and manage cardiometabolic risk in clinical practice with a focus on lifestyle
  • To understand how population-based approaches may contribute to improve cardiometabolic health