ADA Scientific Sessions 2018

Scientific Sessions brought together over 14,000 attendees, featuring nearly 900 speakers and more than 2,100 poster presentations, including 47 moderated poster discussions. Social media was buzzing, and there were nearly 300 news reports of breakthroughs presented at Scientific Sessions, with press releases, original news articles and preview coverage of the 78th Scientific Sessions reaching a total potential audience of more than 700 million, putting diabetes front and center in conversations around the globe.The reach of the meeting is impressive, but the real power of Scientific Sessions goes beyond the numbers. The meeting provides unique opportunities for diabetes professionals to make important connections that advance science. The program ranges from large sessions with 6,000 attendees to intimate one-on-one conversations at a poster board. Former colleagues reconnect and new personal and professional connections are made at every corner of the convention center. These are the relationships and exchanges critical to moving progress forward.