ICCR/EHLA UK Expert Conference

The Sugar Reduction Summit: Industry, Regulation and Public Health

On 22 September 2016, the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk (ICCR) and the European Healthy Lifestyle Alliance (EHLA) UK partnered with The Sugar Reduction Summit to deliver a one-day conference for public health professionals, policymakers, industry representatives, academics, and health and wellness communities.

The day explored the impact of both legislative and voluntary action to reduce the impact of sugar on our health, and the science behind the need to change our lifestyles to incorporate not just a reduction in sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption but also healthier habits, namely to “eat well, drink well, move”.


September 22, 2016


- Abdominal Obesity, a Lifestyle Disease: More Than Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease J.P. Després
- Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Cardiometabolic Risk; What Is Happening Inside Our Bodies? L. Tappy
- More Than Taxation: Evolving the Science of Nutrition to Address the Overconsumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages B. Griffin
- UK Active: the Role of Physical Activity in Delivering a Healthier Society S. Mann
- UCL’s Health Behaviour Research Centre: Sustainable Behaviour Change R. Beeken