LII Annual Meeting of the Mexican Nutrition and Endocrinology Society

SMNE 2012

The Mexican Society of Nutrition and Endocrinology is the greatest overall investment affiliation addressing specialists from the fascinating field of endocrinology. The overwhelming part of the Society’s enlistment is contained Medical pros, specialists, researchers, and teachers Endocrinologists conduct research on – and treat patients with – a vast gathering of conditions and diseases related to the human body’s flighty game plan of organs and hormones. Hormonal unsettling influences cause conditions that impact a considerable number of people, including diabetes, thyroid issue, strength, infertility, improvement issue, rest issue, and endocrine malignancies. Endocrine Society people begin from 122 countries, with 40 percent of them arranged outside the United States. Our focal station are in downtown Washington, D.C., close Capitol Hill, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other crucial affiliations that impact science and prosperity course of action. Amid its perceived history, 10 Endocrine Society people were respected the prestigious Nobel Prize in Physiology, Medicine or Chemistry, with four going to Society presidents.

Congress information (in Spanish): Sociedad Mexicana de Nutrición y Endocrinología