Editorial: Highlights of the 5th ICCR Congress on Chronic Societal Cardiometabolic Diseases

The Organising Committee of the 5th ICCR Congress would like to thank all participants for taking part in the meeting held in Québec City on July 8-12, 2015.

During the conference, several hundred participants including specialists and general practitioners, researchers, residents, graduate students, nutritionists, kinesiologists and other healthcare professionals reviewed all aspects related to the pathophysiology of abdominal obesity with a focus on the management and prevention of chronic societal diseases by targeting our lifestyle, mainly what we eat, what we drink and how sedentary or active we are. In this regard, a full-day during the congress was dedicated to lifestyle habits and cardiometabolic diseases.

Moreover, as the ICCR aims at filling the gap between what is known and what should be done at the population level, the meeting was closed with a session devoted to public health. During that closing session, Mrs. Lucie Charlebois, the Québec Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health, gave a wonderful presentation on the various actions, programs and priorities of her government regarding health issues as well as her own perspective on the need to target both the individual and the population.

As the meeting was a tremendous success, we are eager to pursue our knowledge translation and educational mission here in Canada and elsewhere around the world!

To see photos of the 5th ICCR Congress, please click here.

Jean Vague/Per Björntorp Award

The 2015 Jean Vague/Per Björntorp Award recipient is Dr. Robert Ross, professor at the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s University, Kinston, ON, Canada. In recognition of his award, Dr. Ross gave a presentation entitled “Physical activity: a powerful ‘medication’ for optimal management of abdominal obesity and related health risk”.

4-km Cross-Country Fun Run

Since our objective is to spread the message that adopting a physically active lifestyle is key to prevent the highly prevalent chronic cardiometabolic diseases, the 5th ICCR Congress 2015 hosted a 4-km cross-country fun run on the beautiful Plains of Abraham in the heart of Québec City.

Lay Public Event

In order to convey to the people of the greater Québec City area some of the major notions arising from the presentations and discussions that took place during the Congress, the Chair, along with its partners from Université Laval, presented a lay public event entitled Manger, boire, bouger… en mode santé! at the PEPS during the afternoon of July 12, 2015. More than 450 people attended the event to hear experts discuss the pleasure of combining physical activity and healthy eating habits on a daily basis and visit the interactive exhibition stands.

In this two-part event, four experts from Université Laval first participated in a round table discussion to present the most recent knowledge on the impact of lifestyle habits on chronic societal cardiometabolic disease prevention, as well as simple messages on how to eat well, drink well and move. The public was then invited to discover research works in nutrition, physical activity and health conducted at Université Laval by visiting more than twenty thematic exhibition stands animated by graduate students.

It was an excellent opportunity for citizens to discover the wealth of the world-class expertise available in the Québec City region, as well as the latest scientific advances on the maintenance of good health through physical activity and nutrition.

To see photos of the lay public event, please click here.