Editorial: International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk to publish a supplement in the European Heart Journal

Among the Chair’s many educational and information activities, publications are one of the tools on which Chair members place special focus. These publications capture the work done by Chair members as well as by other experts invited to our bi-annual meetings. Whether they are original contributions or review articles, Chair publications are in keeping with the Chair’s commitment to playing a prominent role in major international debates on current issues such as the assessment and management of abdominal obesity and related global cardiometabolic risk. The Chair is therefore pleased to announce that it published a special supplement in the European Heart Journal on March 1, 2008. The supplement is entitled “The Emerging Concept of Global Cardiometabolic Risk.” In it, world-renowned experts such as Scott Grundy, Peter Wilson and Ele Ferrannini address issues relevant to the optimal assessment and management of global cardiovascular disease risk. As the Scientific Director of the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk, I also co-sign with my colleagues of the Québec Heart Institute a paper providing an update on the notion of global cardiometabolic risk. Finally, I have the privilege of co-signing the editorial of this supplement with one of the Executive Board members of the Chair, Dr. H. Bryan Brewer, who also acts as the co-editor of this issue. The editorial is entitled Metabolic syndrome: the dysmetabolic state of dysfunctional adipose tissue and insulin resistance and it provides an update on the advances made by our group following our various meetings, symposia and related discussions with experts around the world. We are proud of our supplement published in the European Heart Journal and we hope that you will enjoy reading it!

European Heart Journal Supplement