Editorial: The 6th ICCR Congress on Chronic Societal Cardiometabolic Diseases: scientists mobilized to develop “lifestyle medicine” solutions and population-based approaches

The Organizing Committee of the 6th ICCR Congress would like to thank all the speakers and participants who attended the meeting held in Québec City on May 15-17, 2017. The high-quality scientific program involved several international leaders and covered the most recent advances in the field of chronic societal cardiometabolic diseases, from the pathophysiology of visceral obesity and ectopic fat deposition to lifestyle management.

More than ever, the ICCR remains committed to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through our slogan “Eat well, drink well, move” as the cornerstone of our combat against chronic societal diseases. In this regard, a full day of the 6th conference was dedicated to lifestyle habits starting with a fun run in the morning followed by sessions on the latest science on nutrition and physical activity/sedentary time. The congress closed with a public health session reviewing population-based approaches to tackle the obesity/type 2 diabetes epidemics.


Jean Vague/Per Björntorp Award
The 2017 Jean Vague/Per Björntorp Award was attributed to Dr. Marja-Riitta Taskinen, an Emerita Professor of Medicine at the University of Helsinki, Finland. In recognition of her award, Dr. Taskinen gave a wonderful and inspiring presentation entitled “Dysregulation of liver lipid metabolism in focus: bad for the liver and the heart”.

With this very successful 6th edition, the international community of experts associated with the activities of the ICCR is more than ever committed to fight cardiometabolic diseases by filling the gap between what we know and what is done in clinical practice and at the population level. With this edition now completed, the planning of the 7th ICCR congress is already underway. As soon as the next venue of the meeting is confirmed, we will inform you so that you mark your calendars and plan to join us for what will undoubtedly be another exciting event. We look forward to having you join us to pursue our knowledge translation and educational mission!