Editorial: The visceral obesity phenotype: Deeply scrutinized at the IAS/ICCR satellite symposium

Co-chaired by Drs. Yuji Matsuzawa and Jean-Pierre Després, the satellite symposium held in Toronto on June 13, 2018, and entitled “Visceral adiposity and related hypertriglyceridemia: From etiology to clinical management” gathered several international delegates including ten speakers. The morning session was dedicated to the pathophysiology of functional/dysfunctional adipose tissue as well as to the review of some of the atherogenic consequences of excess visceral adiposity. Drs. Yuji Matsuzawa, André Tchernof, Ulf Smith, Fredrik Karpe and Marja-Riitta Taskinen shared their latest scientific knowledge on this topic.

The afternoon session involving Drs. Robert Ross, Frank B. Hu, Jean-Charles Fruchart and Shizuya Yamashita was devoted to the management of visceral obesity using lifestyle and emerging pharmacological treatments targeting the related atherogenic dyslipidemia. The satellite symposium ended with a presentation by Dr. Jean-Pierre Després who underscored the importance of having a global approach incorporating clinical and public health solutions to tackle chronic societal cardiometabolic diseases on all fronts. Dr. Després made the point that unhealthy lifestyle habits leading to visceral obesity are largely responsible for these chronic diseases.

Presentations led to very interesting discussions between the panel and participants.

To see photos of the IAS/ICCR satellite symposium, please click here.